Health Tips

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New research has discovered a list of items that both men and women should avoid for a healthier lifestyle. Certain man-made chemicals in specific kinds of food can actually affect our hormones and trick our minds into wanting to eat more. This list is growing, but today’s current known ingredients to avoid are:

Aspartame & Saccharin

These are all artificial sweeteners that the Center for Science says is in the Public’s Interest to avoid. Any added sugars are bad, but the fake stuff could be worse. They may increase appetite and some studies have even linked these ingredients to cancer.


Yes, iron is good for you. However, too much iron can be a problem. You should only get iron from natural and fortified sources to reach your daily value of 18 milligrams.


This ingredient is used to bind other ingredients, such as water and oil, in things such as ice cream, baked goods, and more. Sometimes it is listed as diglyceride instead.

Partially Hydrogenated Oils

This is a more well-known ingredient that you should avoid. It can increase appetite and is also known as Trans Fat.

Luckily, there are a few ways to help trick your mind into thinking you’re fuller than you actually are! This list is also changing frequently, so visit the Shape Shifters Fitness website to stay up-to-date on everything!

Whole Grain

Specifically, whole grains supply you with lasting energy and fiber. You feel fuller and you’re less tired, without a sugar crash. Ignore any advertisement on the front of packages claiming “made with whole grain.” There are loose regulations in place, and many products which advertise their whole grains do not actually offer very much of the healthy stuff. Opt for at least 3 grams of fiber per 100 calories.


Crucial to your lifelong health, it fends off hunger and appetite, while helping you maintain your bone strength and structure for long-term benefits! Prevent osteoporosis with low-fat milk. You can also drink soy milk or almond milk, each containing around 50% of your daily value in calcium per serving. Yogurt, nutria-grain bars, and ice cream are also good sources of calcium, but beware of the added sugars and artificial sweeteners. If you must, look for Greek yogurt which also contains plenty of appetite-suppressing protein.

The bottom line is that you need to learn about ingredients and be sure to read the labels! You cannot always trust the front of a package. That is where the advertising is placed, and it is often misleading. Remember, when you are reading the ingredients list, the ingredients listed first are always more plentiful than what is listed towards the end. For example, you will want to find products that have “whole wheat,” “oats,” “whole barley,” or “whole rye” at the top of the ingredients list when selecting your new energy-sustaining whole grains foods. Fresh produce is always great!


Grocery Store List

When losing weight a healthy diet is 90% of the challenge.  It is important to get the correct ratios of quality macro-nutrients.  Below is a list of approved foods.


93% Lean Ground Beef or Ground Turkey, Bison, Buffalo, Elk, Venison, Lean Sirloin, Chicken Breast, Turkey Breast, Egg Whites, Flounder, Haddock, Salmon, Halibut, Red Snapper, Grouper, Sea Bass, Sword Fish, and Fresh Tilapia.


Sweet Potatoes, Yams, Brown Rice, Steel Oats, Oatmeal, Black Beans, and Lentils.


Almond Butter, Almonds, Unsweetened Almond Milk, Avocados, Unsalted Cashews, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Light Virgin Olive Oil, Fish Oil, Flax Seeds, and Chia Seeds.