Private Training Services

After receiving his Fitness Training Certification through the ISSA, Nate Schwartz started Shape Shifters Fitness in 2011. He now offers a studio where personal trainers cater sessions to one-on-one, couples, and youth needs.

Our trainers will consult each client about their goals, expectations, diet, medical history, and past workout experiences. Clients will be treated individually, with personalized exercise programs and nutrition advice created for each separate trainee. Clients do not have identical objectives or starting points, so clients should not have the same training programs. Shape Shifters trainers have helped clients with all types of goals, including weight loss, strength training, and sport-specific training. They will keep you motivated and committed with training programs that guarantee results. Shape Shifters Fitness private one-on-one studio offers the industry’s most highly rated equipment to supply an effective workout that will challenge you in a new way every day.